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Technical Program Chair: Terry McCarthy; Mob: 087-2547061; LandLine: 021-4883798

July 2008

10th: Comm Meeting

Aug 2008

4th: Bank Holiday

6th: INCON #73

7th: Comm Meeting

29th: Golf Outing

Sept 2008

3rd: Comm Meeting

16th-18th: Pharmatex

Oct 2008

1st: Comm Meeting

10th-15th: Fall Leaders' Meeting 14th-16th: ISA Expo'08

23rd: Plant Tour

27th: Bank Holiday

29th: INCON #74

Nov 2008

6th: Comm Meeting

8th: 30th Anniversary Charter Dinner

20th: Technical Talk

Dec 2008

4th: Comm Meeting

9th: Honours & Awards Presentations Medallion

17th: INCON #75

24th - 31st: Christmas Hols

Jan 2009

8th: Comm Meeting

22nd: Technical Talk

Feb 2009

5th: Comm Meeting

19th: Plant Tour

Mar 2009

5th: Comm Meeting

12th: Tech Talk

Apl 2009

2nd: Comm Meeting

3rd: Incon # 76

10th-13th: Easter Holidays

23rd: Technical Seminar (Ck)

29th: Technical Seminar (Dub) 30th: Comm Meeting

May 2009

4th: Bank Holiday

5th - 6th: International President Gerry Cockrell visit

8th-9th: DLC District 12 Leaders' Mtg Leiden (NL)

13th: INCON #77

21st: Tech Talk

22nd: Golf Outing

28th: Incon Issue 77

June 2009

1st: Bank Holiday

4th: Comm Meeting

11th: AGM

13th-16th: SLM (Indianapolis US)