ISA Ireland Section 40th Anniversary (1978-2018)


The ISA Ireland Section was finally chartered on 29 June 1978 after a number of steering committee meetings that had been held beforehand by the original founders so as to make sure that the criteria were met to set up a new ISA section. At that time the Ireland section was only the third section to be chartered in Europe and the eighth section to be chartered internationally. A number of former section presidents such as Bob Shine, Fred Gilroy, Maurice Radford, Liam McDonnell, Eoin O’Rian, Frank Maher, John Power and Aidan Howard all played major roles in setting up the ISA Ireland Section. Mr Hugh Wilson who was worldwide ISA President for 1978 handed      over the charter in person at a celebratory dinner held at the Silver Springs (Clayton) Hotel in Cork on 4 September 1978.

A lot of the detail about the early history of the section is outlined in a book authored by section historian Bob Shine and published in 2002, titled “ISA Ireland Section – 25 Year History 1977-2002”. In addition to the section past presidents that were involved in the initial steering meetings and securing the charter, other key people such as Dan O’Sullivan, Eddie O’Connell, Tom Nulty and Eddie Kenny played a major roles in getting the section up and running.

The section still maintains a steady membership of more than 200+ members scattered throughout the island. The ISA Ireland section has had a chequered history since its foundation forty years ago as it has continuously held numerous meetings, technical talks, conferences, symposia and exhibitions throughout the country. The section has always strived to satisfy the automation needs of a progressive country that was and still is undergoing a rapid industrial transformation on all fronts throughout many sectors of industry. Additionally the section has hosted a national prestigious Honours & Awards ceremony for 36 years of its existence. The opulent and elegant Common Room within the quadrangle of UCC has been the location of this yearly section flagship H&A event for the last twenty years. The section has been very fortunate to have hard working and dedicated committee members elected on a yearly basis to serve the membership and the profession whereby they tirelessly promote automation and control as outlined within the vision and mission statements of ISA.

Over the past forty years of activity, 34 individuals had the privilege and honour of serving in the distinguished role of section president and five of these people have served two terms of office, namely: Fred Gilroy, Liam M Donnell, John Lotty, Alan Bateman and John Murphy. It is important to acknowledge the four past presidents who are sadly no longer with us but they are always in our thoughts, namely: Ger Dullea, Fred Gilroy, Maurice Radford and John Farrell.

The ISA Ireland section has punched way above its weight for many years and this has not gone unnoticed by other ISA senior volunteers around the world. A number of past presidents have served on the global ISA Executive Board with the first of these been Maurice Radford who was District 12 (which at that time was all geographical areas outside North America) Vice President. Maurice was the face and spokesperson for ISA Ireland internationally some thirty years ago and he was a trail blazer for many years flying the Ireland flag with distinction. During the last few decades this mantle has been taken up by Declan Lordan, Billy Walsh, Kevin Dignam, Eoin O’Rian and Brian Curtis. Additionally Dave O’Brien is the current District 12 (which presently covers Europe, Middle East and Africa) Vice President and thus continues a long tradition for the Ireland section. Brian Curtis, Declan Lordan and Brian Curtis have all served more than five years at different times on the global ISA Executive Board which is a major achievement for a section which has a much smaller countrywide population than most of its counterparts. The pinnacle of this service and achievement is evident in 2018 as Brian Curtis is the worldwide ISA President which means that we have several reasons to celebrate this historic year for the Ireland Section.

Compiled by Billy Walsh

ISA Ireland Section Secretary

Technology & Innovation for 2020 Global Demands in Food & pharmaceutical sectors

International automation and control symposium for Ireland

This year the ISA’s international Food and Pharmaceutical symposium is being held in Ireland, and its first time to be held outside of North America. The symposium will bring together experts, suppliers, and end users in a two-day symposium of presentations and panel discussions.

The year 1916 is a special year in Irish history as it marks the centenary of the rebellion which led to self Government some six years later. Many events are planned through the country and the symposium is scheduled for the few days before the national holiday of St Patrick’s Day.

The symposium will focus on how Automation is used to address the impact of increased regulation, manufacturing costs, and security threats related to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Speakers will present on the latest trends, and provide case-studies which demonstrate the effective integration and use of Automation to solve these challenges.

The 2016 PFID Symposium it will provide the very latest news, trends and projections about products and processes—direct from leading industry and solution experts. Government officials have been invited to deliver updates and provide clarity on regulatory requirements. A keenly focused conference agenda will explore the critical challenges and how best to solve them through innovations in process automation, and new strategies, products and techniques in control, optimization, measurement, and serialization.

Prospective presenters are invited to submit original contributions on all aspects of Automation including but not limited to the following topics. Emphasis should be on practical contributions rather than theoretical presentations.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Sustainable Processing
  • Data Integrity
  • Alarm Management
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Usage of Cloud for Automation
  • Instrumentation: Calibration, Wireless
  • Batch Management & MES
  • ISA Standards
  • Process Optimization
  • Serialization / Track and Trace
  • Energy/ Waste Management
  • Process Control
  • Paperless Automation
  • Manufacturing Regulations

Abstract Submissions due by 30 November 2015
For submission information, visit (http://www NULL.isafpidsymposium

Indicate your interest in making a presentation to John Murphy ( (Johnmurphy null@null isa or Alan Bateman ( (abateman null@null its


  • Abstract submissions due: 30th November 2015
  • Notification of abstract acceptance: December 2015
  • Title, abstracts, bios, and picture: 11th December 2015
  • Draft papers and presentations due: 18th December 2015
  • Feedback sent to authors: 11th January 2016
  • Final papers and presentations due: 19th February 2016
  • ISA FPID Symposium:  14-15th March 2016

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CIT Faculty of Engineeering & Science Awards 2010

The CIT Faculty of Engineering & Science Annual Awards 2010 took place on the Friday the 8th April 2011. The ISA Ireland Section has been a sponsor of the best first year in Applied Physics and Instrumentation for the past number of years. This year Mr. David O’Brien (ISA Ireland Section President) attended the awards and presented the recipient Mr. Brian Duggan with a silver medallion.

(https://isa NULL.jpg)

Photograph (L-R) Michael Loftus (Head, Fuculty of Engineering & Science CIT), David O'Brien (President - ISA Ireland Section), Brian Duggan (Award Recipient), Dr. Liam Mc Donell (Department. Head, Applied Physics and Instrumentation)

Fellow District 12 Council Members,

I hereby inform you that Kevin Dignam who served as ISA District 12 Vice
President in 2009 and 2010 is the new Nominator for our district.

Kevin Dignam’s term of office as D12 Nominator will cover the years 2011 and
2012. It is the duty of all the 14 District Nominators to attend one ISA
Leaders Meeting each year, namely the Summer Leaders Meeting (SLM). The
2011 meeting will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 25 – 28 June and during
this time the Nominating Committee will meet and thus select the new officers
of the society.

Kevin’s first duty as D12 Nominator will be to work with Dianna Noyes, ISA
staff member and organise an election for a DVP-elect. We need to keep the
leadership pipeline full and elect a successor to our current DVP, Jean-Pierre
HAUET. As a matter of fact, eleven of the fourteen ISA Districts have an elect
in place at this stage, hence we are one of the three districts which does not
have a DVP-elect at the moment.

I trust you will congratulate Kevin and wish him well in serving the district in
this important portfolio.


Billy Walsh

Presentation to Laura Crumpler

(https://isa NULL.jpg)

ISA Ireland section present Laura Crumpler with a replica of the Annie Moore Statue upon retirement from ISA headquarters staff earlier this year.

(https://isa NULL.jpg)

France Section presented Laura Crumpler with a piece of traditional French porceline to mark her retirement.

Ireland Section launches its new website.

A New Year, a new website! We have decided to revamp the website to make it more functional as the old one was not user friendly at all from a coding perspective.

Our website is now running on the ever popular WordPress platform and allows for easy on-the-fly changes and WYSIWYG content addition. I believe the current site navigation is better and links are easier to find too. Using the WordPress platform gives us the capability to add news and articles in blog style fashion, make the site Search Engine Optimized and add social media capabilities.
We hope you like the simplicity and functionality of the new design. Any comments or changes please let me know by sending an email to

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you at future ISA Ireland Section events.
David O Brien, President-Elect (20 March 2010).