Welcome to the International Society of Automation (ISA) Ireland Section website. If your career is in Automation or Measurement and Control, the Ireland Section of ISA, which caters for the technical, scientific and educational needs of its members, can help you. As automation professionals you can further your career goals by availing of training and networking opportunities, and benefit from improved technical and leadership skills.

We have created a new LinkedIn group, International Society of Automation (ISA) Ireland. Simply select Ireland Section LinkedIn under Useful Links and request access to the group. This is a great opportunity for all of our Section members to contribute to topics and issues relevant to you. We look forward to your participation great or small and welcome any suggestions or feedback which you may have.


During the summer of this year the ISA Executive Board adopted new wording for its Vision & Mission Statements (click on the link below for details) and listed 5 core Values that are essential to its everyday operations from 2018 onward.
https://www.isa.org/visionmissionvalues/ (https://www NULL.isa NULL.org/visionmissionvalues/)

Opportunity Knocks for the meeting of 2 World Technical Leaders in Cork, Ireland.

It is a rare occurrence to have the leaders of 2 Global Organisations residing in the same city. This was the case when Jim Breen (ISPE Global Chair) and Brian Curtis (ISA Global President) met at the Janssen Sciences Ireland expansion project site in December last. Brian hails from Cork and Jim has been living in Cork for the past 2 years, as lead to the major expansion project at Janssen. The opportunity to get the 2 leaders together for this photo opportunity proved difficult due to the busy travel and professional commitments, but thankfully came to fruition in December last.

At the time of writing, Brian has now completed his very successful term in office and ISA Global President and Jim is well underway toward an equally successful term as ISPE Global Chair.

Upcoming Events

Tech Talk: Attracting the Digital Natives to Industry
Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 19:30pm
Moran’s Red Cow Hotel, Dublin Thursday, April 11, 2019, 19:30pm
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Digital Transformation In Life Sciences – Challenges & Opportunities
Wednesday 13th  February 2019
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Cyber Security Training:

IC-32 in Cork (Rochestown Park Hotel) 17-18 Feb
IC-33 in Cork (Rochestown Park Hotel) 19-21 Feb
IC-37 in Dublin (Moran Red Cow Hotel) 01-03 Apr
IC-32 in Dublin (Moran Red Cow Hotel) 13-14 Apr
IC-34 in Dublin (Moran Red Cow Hotel) 15-17 Apr
Fast Track in Cork (Rochestown Park Hotel) 22-26 Jun
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