Speaker presentations from FPID 2016 Symposium

Monday 14th March Technical Session Programme

Serialization (Pharmaceutical): US & EU deadlines nearly here ‐ Serialisation affects all levels of the pharmaceutical industry ‐ Overview the technology behind the solutions. The session is a deep dive into the user requirements. Speakers: Mr. Liam O’Brien ESP Ltd (IRL), Mr. Andre Michel FPID Director (Canada), Mr. Joe Whyte Rockwell Automation(US), Mr. Peter Iles Smith GSK, Mr. Peter Koop Arvato (EU) & Ms Siobhan Duggan GS1 (EU)

Track and Trace (Food and Beverage): Product safety, output quality, and variability ‐ Increasing demands on the traceability of raw materials and the real time status of goods ‐ tracking throughout the value chain of global mfg. Speakers: Mr. Des Savage of MESA (IRL) (Chair), Mr.
Robert Jones Vision ID (IRL), Mr. Predrag Sajinovic ATS (IRL) and Mr. Frank Madden Crest Solution (IRL)

Data Integrity and Security: Increased Automation and Paperless
PHARMA regulatory focusing on data quality and security – future of Data Storage off site and in the Cloud Speakers: Mr. Gary Wright Agilent (IRL) (Chair), Mr. Marc O’Regan EMC (IRL)

Digitization ‐ Paperless Manufacturing: Automation and digitalization provide advanced paperless manufacturing ‐ Interconnected data systems enable integrated operations ‐ MES as a core concept to create a Digital Plant
Speakers Mr. Andrew Whytock, Siemens (EU) Mr. Joe Whyte Rockwell (US)

Cybersecurity: An industrial cyber‐attack may cause equipment failure, production loss or regulatory violations. Internal and External threats can cripple a company. Learn methods to protect and minimise attacks on your business.
Speakers: Mr. Eric Cosman, OIT Concepts, (US)(Chair), Mr. Jim LaBonty Pfizer (US), Mr. Arjan Meijer, Hudson Cybertec (EU)

Tuesday 15th March Technical Session Programme

Automation Challenges for a Greenfield Biotech Facility (Pharmaceutical) Ireland’s Biotech industry’s extensive growth requirement ‐ Automation is Core for modern Biotech facilities – Automation delivers greater value for Greenfield Sites
Speakers: Mr. Tommy Fanning IDA Ireland (IRL) (Chair), Mr. Barry Lawlor Johnson & Johnson
Mr. Alan Shefflin BMS, (IRL) Mr. David Murphy, Project Management Group

Process Optimization and Rationalization (Food and Beverage): Incremental Automation Improvement keeps
competitiveness ‐ Corporate Control System Standardisation ‐ Constant demand for increases in production and quality.
Speakers Mr. Kevin Star ABB (EU) (Chair),Mr. Michael Power, Glanbia

Industry 4.0 (Digital Factory Automate to Survive): The forth industrial revolution ‐ How is Global Industry and Ireland positioned ‐ the use of data, (IOT) and Cyber Physical Systems all integrate in modern mfg. facility.
Speakers: Mr. Martin Corkery Enterprise IRL, (Chair), Mr. Alan Norbury, Siemens (UK), Mr. Phil George, Rockwell (US) & Dr. Andrew Lynch, ICMR (IRL)

OEE and Automation Lifecycle: Plant lifecycle and Operational Equipment Effectiveness
Speakers: Mr. William Dugary ACE, FPID (Chair), Mr. Seamus McGrath Novartis (IRL), Mr. Steve Monaghan, ACE (US) & Mr. Arthur Stone OEE Systems:

Alarm Management: DCSs, SCADA systems, PLCs, or Safety Systems use alarms ‐ Ineffective alarm management systems are contributing factors to many major process accidents – End Users requirements
Speakers: Mr. Nick Sands, DuPont (US) (Chair), Mr. Kim Van Camp, Emerson (US) & Mr. Emmett O’Connor, TQS