May 24 2023


6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Verification of Dynamical Systems: Behavioural Assurance Problems Systems and Control

Dr Vassilios Tsachouridis, Collins Aerospace, Applied Research & Technology, Ireland

This technical presentation will address some verification problems in dynamical systems and algorithms. It will be explained, how it is possible to combine Numerical analysis, dynamical systems theory, and interval analysis, to obtain exhaustive coverages of system models dynamic response under the presence of system variation and uncertainty. Consequently, behavioural dynamic assurance and stability guarantees can be rigorously assessed for a big class of systems and control models. This can benefit designs that must align with certification standards and improve trustworthiness. For example, the computational reliability and convergence of real-time algorithms and/or system optimisers must be included as necessary requirements when defining Verification and Validation (V&V) plans for real-time adaptive controllers. These V&V stages must occur before code development, according to standard work recommendations. Thinking alike, the learning stability of an “intelligent” system estimator must be assured on the design phase before any certification of the corresponding system-embed code. The above concepts will be illustrated using theoretical examples in control system design and machine learning.
24 May 2023 – 18:30pm
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