Pictures from Cloud MES – Challenges and Solutions in Lifescience Deployments talk

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The presentation can be downloaded here.

Pharmaceutical Instruments Receipt Verification

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Speaker presentations from FPID 2016 Symposium

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Monday 14th March Technical Session Programme

Serialization (Pharmaceutical): US & EU deadlines nearly here ‐ Serialisation affects all levels of the pharmaceutical industry ‐ Overview the technology behind the solutions. The session is a deep dive into the user requirements. Speakers: Mr. Liam O’Brien ESP Ltd (IRL), Mr. Andre Michel FPID Director (Canada), Mr. Joe Whyte (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf) Rockwell Automation(US), Mr. Peter Iles Smith GSK, (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf) Mr. Peter Koop (http://www NULL.isa–Lessons_learned_Peter_Koop NULL.pdf) Arvato (EU) & Ms Siobhan Duggan (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf) GS1 (EU)

Track and Trace (Food and Beverage): Product safety, output quality, and variability ‐ Increasing demands on the traceability of raw materials and the real time status of goods ‐ tracking throughout the value chain of global mfg. Speakers: Mr. Des Savage of MESA (IRL) (Chair), Mr.
Robert Jones (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf) Vision ID (IRL), Mr. Predrag Sajinovic ATS (IRL) and Mr. Frank Madden (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf) Crest Solution (IRL)

Data Integrity and Security: Increased Automation and Paperless
PHARMA regulatory focusing on data quality and security – future of Data Storage off site and in the Cloud Speakers: Mr. Gary Wright (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf)Agilent (IRL) (Chair), Mr. Marc O’Regan EMC (IRL)

Digitization ‐ Paperless Manufacturing: Automation and digitalization provide advanced paperless manufacturing ‐ Interconnected data systems enable integrated operations ‐ MES as a core concept to create a Digital Plant
Speakers Mr. Andrew Whytock, Siemens (EU) Mr. Joe Whyte (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf) Rockwell (US)

Cybersecurity: An industrial cyber‐attack may cause equipment failure, production loss or regulatory violations. Internal and External threats can cripple a company. Learn methods to protect and minimise attacks on your business.
Speakers: Mr. Eric Cosman, OIT Concepts, (US)(Chair), Mr. Jim LaBonty (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf) Pfizer (US), Mr. Arjan Meijer (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf), Hudson Cybertec (EU)

Tuesday 15th March Technical Session Programme

Automation Challenges for a Greenfield Biotech Facility (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf) (Pharmaceutical) Ireland’s Biotech industry’s extensive growth requirement ‐ Automation is Core for modern Biotech facilities – Automation delivers greater value for Greenfield Sites
Speakers: Mr. Tommy Fanning IDA Ireland (IRL) (Chair), Mr. Barry Lawlor Johnson & Johnson
Mr. Alan Shefflin BMS, (IRL) Mr. David Murphy, Project Management Group

Process Optimization and Rationalization (Food and Beverage): Incremental Automation Improvement keeps
competitiveness ‐ Corporate Control System Standardisation ‐ Constant demand for increases in production and quality.
Speakers Mr. Kevin Star ABB (EU) (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf) (Chair),Mr. Michael Power, Glanbia

Industry 4.0 (Digital Factory Automate to Survive): The forth industrial revolution ‐ How is Global Industry and Ireland positioned ‐ the use of data, (IOT) and Cyber Physical Systems all integrate in modern mfg. facility.
Speakers: Mr. Martin Corkery Enterprise IRL, (Chair), Mr. Alan Norbury, Siemens (UK), Mr. Phil George, Rockwell (US) & Dr. Andrew Lynch, (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf) ICMR (IRL)

OEE and Automation Lifecycle: Plant lifecycle and Operational Equipment Effectiveness
Speakers: Mr. William Dugary ACE, FPID (Chair), Mr. Seamus McGrath Novartis (IRL), Mr. Steve Monaghan, ACE (US) & Mr. Arthur Stone (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf) OEE Systems:

Alarm Management: DCSs, SCADA systems, PLCs, or Safety Systems use alarms ‐ Ineffective alarm management systems are contributing factors to many major process accidents – End Users requirements
Speakers: Mr. Nick Sands, DuPont (US) (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf) (Chair), Mr. Kim Van Camp (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf), Emerson (US) & Mr. Emmett O’Connor (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf), TQS

Who left the Network Backdoor open? Industrial Network Defense

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FPID symposium day two pictures

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FPID symposium day one pictures

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Technology advances in Medical Device Manufacturing

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Download the flyer (http://www NULL.isa NULL.pdf)

Plant Tour of the new distillery at IDL (The new Jameson Distillery)

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Behind the scenes Plant Tour of the new distillery at IDL (The new Jameson Distillery)

Technology & Innovation for 2020 Global Demands in Food & pharmaceutical sectors

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International automation and control symposium for Ireland

This year the ISA’s international Food and Pharmaceutical symposium is being held in Ireland, and its first time to be held outside of North America. The symposium will bring together experts, suppliers, and end users in a two-day symposium of presentations and panel discussions.

The year 1916 is a special year in Irish history as it marks the centenary of the rebellion which led to self Government some six years later. Many events are planned through the country and the symposium is scheduled for the few days before the national holiday of St Patrick’s Day.

The symposium will focus on how Automation is used to address the impact of increased regulation, manufacturing costs, and security threats related to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Speakers will present on the latest trends, and provide case-studies which demonstrate the effective integration and use of Automation to solve these challenges.

The 2016 PFID Symposium it will provide the very latest news, trends and projections about products and processes—direct from leading industry and solution experts. Government officials have been invited to deliver updates and provide clarity on regulatory requirements. A keenly focused conference agenda will explore the critical challenges and how best to solve them through innovations in process automation, and new strategies, products and techniques in control, optimization, measurement, and serialization.

Prospective presenters are invited to submit original contributions on all aspects of Automation including but not limited to the following topics. Emphasis should be on practical contributions rather than theoretical presentations.

  • Cybersecurity
  • Sustainable Processing
  • Data Integrity
  • Alarm Management
  • Industrial Internet of Things
  • Usage of Cloud for Automation
  • Instrumentation: Calibration, Wireless
  • Batch Management & MES
  • ISA Standards
  • Process Optimization
  • Serialization / Track and Trace
  • Energy/ Waste Management
  • Process Control
  • Paperless Automation
  • Manufacturing Regulations

Abstract Submissions due by 30 November 2015
For submission information, visit (http://www NULL.isafpidsymposium

Indicate your interest in making a presentation to John Murphy ( (Johnmurphy null@null isa or Alan Bateman ( (abateman null@null its


  • Abstract submissions due: 30th November 2015
  • Notification of abstract acceptance: December 2015
  • Title, abstracts, bios, and picture: 11th December 2015
  • Draft papers and presentations due: 18th December 2015
  • Feedback sent to authors: 11th January 2016
  • Final papers and presentations due: 19th February 2016
  • ISA FPID Symposium:  14-15th March 2016

Twitter Hashtags: #FPID16, #ISAuto
Editorial Contact:

Declan F Lordan
ISA Ireland
P.O. Box 203
Togher Mail Centre
Email: (info null@null isa
Web: (http://www NULL.isa
Rodney Jones
ISA – The International Society of Automation
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PO Box 12277
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E-Mail: (info null@null isa
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Lilly Kinsale Site – IE43 Tour

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* Intro to Lilly Kinsale API Manufacturing Site and Safety Orientation

* Background to IE43 mAb facility construction.

* Bus Tour of site and Tour of IE43 Facility with outline of its operations

* Refreshments Q&A
Approx overall duration 2-2.5Hrs.