Keynote Speaker

Peter Martin

VP and Edison Master,

Schneider Electric Company

Innovation and a Future Perspective on Automation and Control

Industrial Automation is a field in which continual and impactful innovations have occurred over the last century. Today there are a number of key initiatives and technologies in industrial automation, such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Industrie 4.0, cloud computing, and big data analytics that, taken as a whole, may be indicative of a period of breakthrough innovation that has not been seen since the introduction of the computer as a delivery vehicle for control. This presentation will investigate the different levels of innovation, why industrial automation and control may be at an inflection point leading to inspirational innovation and what this might in terms of performance improvements for Food and Pharmaceutical companies.

Peter Martin, Ph.D., is vice president, business value solutions, for the Software and Industrial Automation division of Invensys plc. He joined The Foxboro Company in 1970 and has worked in a variety of positions in training, engineering, product planning, marketing and strategic planning. He left Foxboro to become vice president at Intech Controls before joining Automation Research Corporation in a similar role. He returned to Invensys in 1996, where he assumed the position of vice‐president, marketing, for Foxboro and then chief marketing officer for Invensys Manufacturing and Process Systems before moving into his current position.

Martin is a world‐renowned industry expert. He holds multiple patents, including patents for dynamic performance measures; real‐time activity‐based costing; closed‐loop business control; and asset and resource modeling. He has published numerous articles and technical papers and has authored or co‐authored three books: Bottom Line Automation; Dynamic Performance Management: The Pathway to World Class Manufacturing; and Automation Made Easy: Everything you wanted to know about automation – and need to ask. In 2002, Martin was named one of Fortune magazine’s “Hero of U.S. Manufacturing” and one of InTech magazine’s 50 most influential innovators of all time in instrumentation and controls. In 2009, he accepted the ISA Life Achievement Award, recognizing his work in integrating financial and production measures that improve the profitability and performance of industrial process plants.