OEE and Automation Lifecycle: Plant lifecycle and Operational Equipment Effectiveness:

William Dugary
A Pharmaceutical Case Study: Why Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Isn’t Enough:
Steve Monaghan
A Case Study: Transitioning DCS from custom and legacy to current and mainstream:
Seamus McGrath
The Science of Manufacturing Making OEE works as a Business Performance Metric for your Plant
Arthur Stone
OEE Systems

Worldwide today many of the over 60 Billion Euro spend in installed control systems are reaching the end of their useful life. However, some of these controls, operational since the 80’s and 90’s, invested significantly in developing their intellectual property and much of what was good then is still good now. Of course some aspects still need to evolve with the times. This requires funding, time and talent. For quite some time now there has been a skilled automation shortage at many companies leading organizations to outsourcing, partnerships and collaboration with SME’s to help manage the institutional knowledge of their installed control systems. With corporate leadership sensitive to return to shareholders, plant renovation approval hurdle rates are usually high when it comes to refreshing these control systems. In many manufacturing facilities, engineers and production managers have been asked to cut costs and yet still advance productivity. To solve this dilemma, many world class facilities continue to focus on driving improvements through the use of automation and information technology. Some are finding that using existing assets in conjunction with focused enhancement efforts can take advantage of both worlds. The papers this afternoon are great examples of where innovation and such experiences are helping to create real value for automation modernization.