Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity Presents New Challenges for the Automation Profession:
Eric Cosman,
OIT Concepts
Securing your IP in the OT environment:
Arjan Meijer,
Hudson Cybertec
Mitigating Cybersecurity Risk to Life Science Manufacturing:
Jim LaBonty

Without implementing the proper preventative measures, an industrial cyber‚Äźattack could contribute to equipment failure, production loss or regulatory violations, with possible negative impacts on the environment or public welfare. Incidents of attacks on these critical network infrastructure and control systems highlight vulnerabilities in the essential infrastructure of our society such as the smart grid, which could become more of a focus for cybercriminals in the future. As well as threats from external sources you also need to take steps to protect your Control and Automation Systems from internal threats which can cripple a company for days or months. International speakers will highlight the nature of these threats, how your systems and infrastructure can be protected, and methods to minimize attacks on your business.