Automation Challenges for a Greenfield Biotech Facility (Pharmaceutical):

Tommy Fanning
IDA Ireland
Food Safety – Five Steps to Digitize and Connect Your Food Safety Program for Compliance + ROI:
Joe Whytee
Automation Challenges:
Alan Shefflin
Plan, Design, Build & Run for Systems in Biotech Facility:
Barry Lawlor

Recent advances in biotechnology are helping us prepare for and meet society’s most pressing challenges. As a result, the Biotech industry has seen extensive growth and considerable investment over the last number of years. Automation of Biotech plants has become increasingly important and is seen as a key differentiator for modern Biotech facilities. Repeatable, data rich and reliable operations are an expectation in bringing products to market faster, monitor and predict performance and ensure right first time delivery. This session will provide the most topical trends in automation of Biotech facilities and will show how current best practices will make the difference and deliver greater value to the business.